AR is hard – let us help you. Through our partnership with
InterKnowlogy, we’ve been building AR experiences for years.

Building novel holographic experiences is our bread and butter. XenoHolographic leverages our products and toolkits to deliver these custom solutions more quickly with significantly higher quality. We also rely on Apple, Google, Microsoft and many others to deliver on hardware and AR building blocks for our solutions and are constantly reviewing AR technologies to make sure our engineers are knowledgeable on the latest and greatest. 

XenoHolographic has found that AR takes true software engineering to pull off from knowledge of 3D programming to interaction design to mobile app technology. This is a complex set of skills that takes a hardcore engineering team to deliver on and that’s what XenoHolographic does. 

No one celebrated more than us when Apple and Google announced their AR software building blocks earlier this year. Mobile and AR will remain important for many years to come, even when AR headsets become more ubiquitous. Whether it be with or without AR markers or GPS-based experiences, we combine our deep mobile experience with our AR experience to leverage the power of your smart phones.

AR Mobile Apps

AR Headsets are still emerging. Like you, we are waiting for this wave of technology to hit us. But we aren’t just standing still waiting around. XenoHolographic has built numerous apps with AR headsets to come up with our own interaction design standards for AR headsets. We have put users through different AR experiences to understand how different people interact with headset-based AR experiences. AR headset apps are very different than mobile AR apps. They rely on more immersion and better interaction cues to engage users more quickly. And we know what’s coming – people will interact with holograms differently depending on what AR headset they are using and some AR headsets might not even support it. This is why XenoSidekick is so important – to normalize how people interact with holographic experiences on AR headsets. 

AR Headset Apps