XenoHolographic Products

Focus on making it easier for you to deliver holographic experiences.

Want to bring consumers to you with holographic experiences? That’s what XenoRoom is for No apps to build and deploy, just amazing 3D content to experience.

XenoRoom expands the possibilities for holographic experiences. While everyone is racing to build one-off AR experiences for mobile phones, we’re already done. How is this possible when we have no idea what your 3D content is? That’s because we’ve built the technology for you to upload your 3D content to the cloud and XenoRoom automagically downloads and renders it.

XenoRoom is a location-based holographic experience engine. When your content needs to change, there’s no need to re-deploy an app with the new content – that’s all done in the cloud and re-downloaded. When you want your customers to experience something unique with holographic content, XenoRoom is your answer.


No AR headset? No problem! Setup your holographic environment and let consumers use their phones to experience it with XenoPlayer.

XenoPlayer opens the possibilities for location-based holographic experiences. XenoPlayer is a mobile app for iOS and Android. When you setup a holographic experience with XenoRoom, consumers will automatically be notified when they get close on their mobile phones with XenoPlayer. 3D content will be automatically downloaded to their phones. Consumers will be guided to you and when they arrive they will have a holographic experience waiting for them.

But wait – there’s more. User-centric holographic experiences are also supported. Consumers can subscribe to your holographic content and when you make it available they will be notified to experience it wherever they are.

Xeno Player

Creating interactive AR apps? XenoSidekick makes it easy for people to interact with holographic experiences.

We are getting ready for the world of AR headsets. But not every AR headset will be created equally. How these headsets allow people to interact with holograms will be different. This is why XenoSidekick exists – to make interacting with holograms the same regardless of AR headset. XenoSidekick is a toolkit that will let your smartphone drive the interactions.  

So whether you will have a cheap headset that doesn’t support interactions or a heavy expensive one, you can create a mobile app with XenoSidekick that will be make interacting with holograms easy and the same. We will be completely agnostic to any AR headset.